How Can I Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes?

I am a 30 years old African American woman with dark circles around my eyes most of my life. I dread going outside because, I look like a raccoon and, I am so tired of people asking me did I get punch in the face or am I sick. Now that I am 30 years old, the circles are getting darker. I have been to practically every dermatologist in the state of New York and they all prescribe creams that only work to a certain degree. I used makeup which I am sick of using makeup. Please Help. Thanks

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Dark Circles Under the Eyes of 30 Year Old African American Woman

Hi Infoneeded,

Restylane injections to fill the hollowness of the lower eye lids is an excellent method to reduce the dark circles under the eyes in African American women. 

It is a delicate and unforgiving area so make sure to choose your injecting physician carefully.

Good luck.

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Dark circles under eyes can be treated with laser

If you just have dark pigment the fractional ablative laser (I use the Lux2940) will work-I prefer the Erbium laser on darker skin-less risk of post laser hyperpigmentation.

If you have a deep depression beneath the lid-a hollow appearance-then an arcus release and fat grafting will help. See before and after pictures of fat grafting.

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