Hidradenitis Suppurativa Not Getting Better with Minocycline

I have hidradenitis suppurativa and I tried doxcycline, but it made me really sick. I was put on minocycline for a year and 4 months in it hasn't changed anything. My doctors don't think my case is bad and won't give me surgery. My problem areas are the breast and armpits. I'm in pain all day and can't sleep and. Constantly draining. Any suggestions?

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Hidradenitis suppuritiva

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I would consider constant pain, inability to sleep and a failed 1+ year trial of anitbiotics as a severe case. Furthermore that lengthy course of antibiotics will only serve to create antibiotic resistant bacteria. The question is why would your doctors not recommend surgery. Is it because of patient, doctor or insurance reasons? The only way to successfully treat the problem so you are pain free and can sleep is to remove the involved glands and the usually the skin that contains them as well. If you allow these infections to smolder they tend to work their way down into deeper tissues such as muscle that may then have to be removed along with the skin.

You need to find which factor is preventing you from getting care. If it is the doctor change doctors. If it is the insurance you may have to change from an HMO capitated plan to a PPO etc. You may have to go out of plan to get an opinion and then if they still refuse surgery file a complaint with the state department of managed health care.

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