Help for Wrinkled and Creepy Skin Under the Eyes? (photo)

Hi! I am 33 yrs old and battle wrinkled/creepy skin under my eyes when I smile. I've noticed this in the past year or two and it is getting worse. It doesn't look bad when I am not smiling. The skin is thin. I have had a little botox under my eyes but that did not seem to help. I have also tried the palovia at home laser with little results. I was wondering what treatments might help me. Laser resurfacing, (which one would be best?), Ultherapy, fillers, surgery, eye cream with growth factors?

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Botox for wrinkles and crow's feet

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The undereyes has not responded to Botox. But if you notice on your pictures, you do have crow's feet and injecting Botox in that area, especially on the lower parts of the crow's feet and the outer part of the lower eye area may help relieve some of the effect. 6-8 unit on each area should help. You have beautiful eyes and very little is needed to help you achieve your aesthetic concerns.

Crepey eyelids

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in my opinion, your eyelids look perfect at rest so I would not consider any resurfacing or tightening procedures such as lasers, Ulthera etc.  On the other hand, when you smile you do have some increased lines at the corners of your eyes and a little bit of muscle hypertrophy under your eyes.  I think this should respond very well to Botox.  Good Luck.

Peter J. Jenkin, MD, FAAD
Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon
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No treatment options for you

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The key is what you look like at rest and you look perfect there.  Mimetic lines are those caused by animation and the thin skin of the eyelid is very prone to them.  Genetics, sun exposure and degree of animation all affect them and there is no avoiding them and no way to permanently remove or prevent them.  You are already doing all you reasonably can so don't waste your hard earned dollars on the list you mentioned and they will not be useful expenditures.

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