Will all on 6 cure my underbite and TMJ? (Photos)

I have an underbite and cross bite. Also TMJ. My bottom teeth are ok apart from 1 missing each side at the back. However my top teeth are mostly crowns. My 2 front teeth have worn down & all my molars are missing. I have 8 teeth at the top. I am having all on 6 implants next week and although it has been discussed with the surgeon - will having the implants and teeth right at the back of my jaw correct the TMJ etc? She is going to place the new teeth so that they slightly overlap my bottom teeth

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All-on-6 and TMJ

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I'm not sure what the condition is of your bottom teeth, but usually the All-on-4  or All-on-6 treatment works out best when both arches are done simultaneously. Because during the surgery we perform some bone reduction, this can actually change or improve the relationship of the upper and lower jaw minimizing the need to bring the upper teeth too far forward. Again, this is all based on a proper diagnosis and assessment of your lower teeth.  

Underbite and TMJ

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Hi and Thank you for your question:

First of all, once your Temporomandibular joints are  affected , like any other joints you can treat them but they are never going to be the same. You case appears to be complex because you have loss your vertical relation from the wear of your teeth and the loss of posterior bite. You need to be evaluated by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and a prosthodontits to se what would be the best treatment option for you. Best of Luck to You!!!

Will underbite be corrected

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Thank you for your question.

In regards to the underbite being corrected, it is not 100% that this can be done. This will need to be tested in the temporary teeth prior to finalizing

When teeth are bought back to correct an underbite the problems patients experience are

1. Not enough space for the tongue 

2. Teeth running into each other because of your existing functional pattern

These are items which need to be addressed in the temporary teeth. In our experience if the underbite is not so severe it can be done but has to be managed very carefully

All the best


Dr J

Saj Jivraj, DDS
Oxnard Dentist

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