Using Aczone and Epiduo together?

My dermatologist prescribed me Aczone and Epiduo to help with my acne on my cheeks. I am supposed to use Epiduo every other night and Aczone morning and night everyday. She did not specify if on the nights that I am to use Epiduo should I use Aczone as well? I was researching and it said they react giving your face a brown/ orange appearance. Help!

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Using Aczone and Epiduo together?

Thanks for your query. You should use aczone in the morning and epiduo at night every day. It will clear off your acne faster. Hope it helps.

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Epidural night a zone morning

Epidural can be started every other night and increased to every night as tolerated . A zone can be used the morning for additional effect

Morris Westfried, MD
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Medication Usage

I usually recommend that my patients use Aczone in the morning and Epiduo at night, but your doctor may want you to use these medications differently! I recommend giving them a call to make sure that you are using the medications correctly.

Elizabeth S. Jacobson, MD
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Using aczone and epiduo

This is an easy one -- call your Dermatologist's office and ask what she wants you to do! Aczone and Epiduo are both excellent acne medications.  I find them especially useful for adult female acne. Aczone helps inflammatory (red) pimples.  Epiduo is a combination of a retinoid (adapalene) which helps sweep out blackheads and white heads and benzoyl peroxide which is antibacterial.   Most patients use Epiduo at night and will use Aczone in the morning.  If the Epiduo is too drying for nightly use, Aczone can be applied on the alternate nights.  And remember to apply a good sunscreen-moisturizer in the morning after your aczone and a non-comedogenic moisturizer at night after either medication.

Heidi A. Waldorf, MD
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Great acne treatments

These products are very good for acne. They can definitely be used together but at different times in the day or on alternating days. I would definitely follow your doctor advise and if you have more questions, please make an appointment to see her/him.
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Azcone and Epiduo

The two products can be used together, but the benzoyl peroxide will react with the aczone to create and orange hue on your face.  However, this will wash off. 

Salma Pothiawala, MD
New York Dermatologist

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