What is the Future of Stem Cells in Cosmetic Use?

What is the future of stem cell use(not fat tranfers) in cosmetic surgery? Do you see the ablitity to manipulate scars with stem cells? Hope is what I'm really looking for here.

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The Future of Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery

We cannot even begin to imagine the potential applications of stem cells in Plastic surgery. From potentially manufacturing identical organs and extremities to recapturing lost youth. Plastic Surgery as a whole would be drastically changed if such technologies became available. Unfortunately, we are many years removed from any wide scale applications of such technology.

As regards scaring, we already know that surgery on fetuses does not result in scar formation. The person who discovers how to extend this to injuries and surgery would improve millions of lives and become a very wealthy person.

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Stem Cells and Plastic Surgery

I think that, by their very nature, there will be few limits to what we will eventually be able to accomplish through a proper and deep understanding of stem cell biology. I too am very hopeful for the future and the benefits this science will have for my patients.

In addition to the comments made by my colleagues, I would caution you that there are many unscrupulous providers of aesthetic medicine already advertising that they can perform procedures using "stem cells".....

It is true that harvested fat does have some stem cells- but saying that injecting your fat is equivalent to a stem cell injection is unethical and untrue. We are not there yet.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery

There are amazing developments in stem cell use for plastic surgery and most other fields of medicine. However, as mentioned, regulations and government interference dramatically slow scientific study and developments.

David Shafer, MD
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Future of Stem Cell Research

I agree with Dr. Aldea: the possibilities are endless. However, due to the FDA and highly litigious US environment as well as ethical concerns, it is likely that these developments will be slow to arrive and be implemented.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Stem cells

Stem cells are the true buzzwords of the recent past. It kind of has a mystical connotation to it. But, the reality is that stem cell reserach is really in its early genesis and nothing has been developed for plastic surgery to make it a reality yet.

Steven Wallach, MD
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