Glabella Reduction?

Can the frontal bone or forehead be shaved down the area between my brows to make it flatter? My forehead used to be flat and wider, and now it seems to protrude in the middle. My temple area is squished in. It gives me a harsh, stressed appearance, and it's making my eyes seem hooded due to my frontal bone protruding. I've been through 3 cars accidents. 2 were major where I hit my forehead/face; another was minor but the airbag hit my face. I also have TMJ because of the accidents. Please help.

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Options for a prominent brow.

This depends on the cause of the bulge. IF the bulge is due to bone than Dr. Aldea's approach is a possibility for you. However, it is more likely that the bulge is due to muscle hypertrophy for which there are several options. First you could attempt a course of Botulinum Toxin. IF that works your choices are to continue with injections or consider permanent surgical solutions. IF it doesn't work then you may want to consider boney reduction.

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Glabella reduction?

Dear Dawn,

Yes. It can.
Burring of the supra orbital ridge is sometimes done in men in whom the ridge gives them a menacing "Neanderthal" look. The problem with men having it done is that at some point over burring and smoothing feminizes the skull.
I have never heard of the procedure done in a woman but it certainly is possible. I suggest you see a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( who specializes in craniofacial surgery.

Good Luck.

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