What Are My Options To Treat Flat Burn Scars On My Arm? Cortizone Injections?

I have flat burn scars on my arms does "cortizone injection for scars" help my condition? If not, what direction could be taken to correct my arms?

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Fixing burn scars with vascular laser treatment

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These flat burn scars may benefit from vascular laser treatment followed by application of Melaquin PM twice daily to reduce the risk of color changes. 

Burn scar treatment

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Depending on the area of the scars, their pigmentation, texture, location, thickness, and other features, application of pressure garments (e.g. Jobst custom fitted), camouflage cosmetics (e.g. Linda Seidel, Covermark, etc.) clothing, micro pigmentation, injected corticosteroids, and other methods have all been useful. Fortunately, the scars will always be with you as a reminder of your strength in surviving and overcoming a difficult injury.

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