Fell on Knee. Wound Closed Up But It Is Still Dark Red? (photo)

i fell on my knees really hard while jogging. I fell on pavement. my wound closed up but its still dark red . its very large and ugly. will this leave a dark mark ? can you recommend something to put on it from the pharmacy ?

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Treating abrasion and road rash scars on the body and knee

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I would treat this scar early on with a combination of laser and topical Melaquin creams. The improvement will be gradual with the creams and improved further with the pulsed dye laser.

Red scar on knee

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Pulsed dye laser treatment typically works well to reduce redness and improve the texture of scars.  Non-ablative fractional laser also can be helpful.  As far as over the counter products, the most effective is probably silicone gel sheeting such as ScarAway which needs to be worn over the scar at least 12 hours per day.

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