Epiduo Gel Problems? (photo)

I'm having a couple of side effects from Epudio Gel, which my doctor prescribed to treat my acne. I started it last week, and at first it seemed to work, and my acne was getting better. Now, I am about five days into it and I am having horrible face peeling, dryness, and some burning when washing my face or applying the medication. My face hurts when I move the muscles and it's got flakes of skin on it. What should I do? I've heard it gets better after a couple of weeks...

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I have found that a lot of patients are irritated by Epiduo.  I would suggest stopping the Epiduo until the irritation resolves and then starting again to see if the irritation recurs.  If it does, then I think you're better to switch to a different product and you should followup with your dermatologist about that.  I hope you find this helpful.

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