Duoderm with or Without Ointment on Facial Wound After Stitches?

I recently had four stitches removed from both my forehead and chin. The skin doctor who removed them advised me to use Duoderm dressing on them as bandages with a small amount of ointment (bactroban) on the healing cut underneath. The Duoderm doesn't stick very well with the ointment and as the cuts have closed I'm wondering if the ointment is even necessary with this kind of bandage. I'm still taking anti-inflamation and anti-infection pills for 3 more days. Is it OK to not use ointment?

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Ointments on a fresh wound for healing

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I would defer the answer to your surgeon as he is familiar with the scar and its ability to heal poorly.  Ointments provide a protective environment for reepithelialization of the wounds. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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