Had Laser DOT C02 for Stretch Marks But Lines Still Visible?

My Dr used DOT C02 Laser Skin for old stretch marks on my legs/hips with excellent results. 9 months later I received a 2nd treatment. Although it took aprox. 6 weeks to heal from the 1st treatment, 8 wks later now after 2nd treatment I still have noticeable white lines, even brighter. Post apt. yesterday with Dr. & he stated that he was happy with it, they are softer & I would probably need total of 6 treatments. Is this correct, should I be concerned? What can I do NOW to improve it?

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SmartXide DOT laser for stretch marks

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The SmartXide DOT laser can stimulate collagen to thicken skin and improve stretch marks, but it will not bring back the color.  Your white lines are probably more noticeable now because you have some pinkness or hyperpigmentation still left from your laser treatment.  As the pigment or pinkness fades, the white will not be as obvious.  You may require several laser treatments.  Ask your physician if you are a candidate for tretinoin cream which can help.

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