Does a Medical Spa Have to Be Part of a Doctor's Office?

Do they have to have a medical license?

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Medical Spas are run and owned as businesses

Many medical spas in California are not actually part of a doctor's office. The are owned and operated as businesses and not by physicians. They attempt to circumvent the laws of California by hiring a "Medical Director" who could be "overseeing" medi spas all over the State. This is considered the "corporate practice of medicine" and is illegal. I have found that most of these medi spas are actually run by a non-physician medical providers such as nurses or physician's assistant and the medical director has very little input in the day-to-day operations.

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Medical spas

Dr. Reichner has provided an excellent answer. Regulations vary by state. Some medical spas are within Doctor's offices, adjacent to them., in the same town, or in a distant state. Some spas are run by corporations and hire medical directors. It really does differ and you should inquire in each circumstance.

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