Diarrhea Problems Post-procedure

Has anyone had problems with diarrhea post-op? I wonder if that's normal, or part of the body getting rid of any fluid left behind. My doctor just says take an anti-diarrheal, but its not helping.

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Diarrhea post surgery

Diarrhea is not normal after surgery, if anything constipation is more common by far.  Sometimes the antibiotics can cause it and if it doesn't resolve quickly with conservative measures, you might need further evaluation. 

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Diarrhea after a surgical procedure

There are many potential causes for this and you should discuss this with your surgeon. One potentially serious cause is C. Difficile entetocolitis secondary to the prescribed antinbiotics. Another cause is adisturbance in the bacterial populations of your intestines. Some advocate the use of probiotics.

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Diarrhea problems post plastic surgery procedure?

Dear Kaydee3,

Until your NORMAL pre-operative condition was to have diarrhea, it is NOT normal for you to have it post-operatively. As a matter of fact, because all the pain medications we prescribe cause constipation, we commonly see a DECREASE in frequency of bowel movements in the near post-op period.

Because we often prescribe antibiotics, a LOT of patients develop loose bowel movements and vaginal yeast infection caused by changes in the normal bacterial environments of the bowel and the vagina. One condition, C. DIFFICILE COLITIS can get really nasty and needs to be treated medically (with OTHER antibiotics).

I would try eating various yogurts to repopulate your "good" bacteria in the colon. If things do not change you may need to submit a stool sample for C. Difficile titers.

I hope this was helpful.

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