What is the best solution for deep Nasolabial Lines, deep brow furrows? (photos)

I am 49 going on 50 (one month away). Over the past 10 years my nasolabial lines and creases between brows have gotten quite bothersome. Unable to afford repeated processes over a long period of time. I am thinking of corrective surgery (one time cost). which is the best path for me to take? While I don’t expect to look as I did in before picture 15 yrs. ago, I wonder if smoothing these areas will refresh and de-age me a bit?

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One Time Fix For Nasolabial Lines

You have many facial characteristics that others envy, including great cheek fullness.  Your youthful aspects can often be "re-freshed" with subtle wrinkle treatments.  Treatments do tend to run along a spectrum - less invasive treatments (creams, microdermabrasion, neurotoxins) tend to be less dramatic, durable, and often less expensive.  At the other end of the spectrum you could consider more invasive (brow lift, face lift, etc) which is more downtime, risk, cost but also more durable and dramatic.  All these options and those in between can be discussed with a plastic surgeon, we offer a free consultation to discuss these options.  Fat grafting is a great option but I caution my patients that it is not a guarantee one time cost, to get the result you want it is often necessary to repeat the procedure.  Be proud of your great features and good luck!

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