My Daughter Was Born with an Asymmetric Gluteal Fold Due to a Dimple, Can this be Corrected?

My daughter was born with an asymmetric gluteal fold due to a dimple. A MRI was completed to rule out spinal cord involvement, including tethered spinal cord. The MRI was normal, except for an abnorally shaped coccyx, which were were told is clinically insignificant. We are unsure if this asymmetry will correct itself as she ages. Does anyone have any experience with this? If it doesn't, can she have corrective platic surgery in the future if she wishes? I am posting pictures below.

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Yes, corrective surgery down the road possible

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Hello, There are options down the road to correct the soft tissue that is causing the irregularity in the gluteal cleft. There is a chance that it will improve in appearence with time as she grows up. All the best, Dr Repta

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