I had a steroid injection into a keloid scar yesterday and now part of the keloid is black, is this normal? (photos)

This is the second steroid injection I've had into my keloid, they both really hurt but this one has now gone black on one side, I hope it's just abnormal reaction. I've also had some shooting pains up my neck since having the injection yesterday that I think is related. Hope you can help

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Part of keloid black after steroid injection

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Most likely, the black area on your keloid is a bruise as a result of the steroid injection you had.  I would recommend contacting the physician who treated you, as they may want to evaluate you in person.  

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Contact Your Doctor For Follow Up

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Please see an expert for an evaluation, this may be bruising or swelling. Lasers or surgical repair maybe needed in addition to injections. See an expert for wound care and treatment options. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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