Best Treatment for Dark Circles (Not from Indentations or Sinking)

I am 22, caucasian, and I have had dark circles since I can remember. Bad ones...and not because of an indentation or sinking of skin. The top of my eyes up to my eyebrows are red, and under my eyes is a deep bluish purple. I have tried everything from vitamin A, K, E...excercise, drinking gallons of water, eating right, Hylexin cream (that helped a teeny bit). I don't seem to be allergic to anything. I was wondering what you would reccommend as the best treatment for this. Thanks!

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Perhaps you have sinus congestion

Two guesses: either you have brown pigmentation from heredity and/or rubbing, or it is venous congestion causing a purplish hue (or a combination of the two).  In my practice my pigment/hemosiderin caused eye circles are treaed with OTC antihistamines/decongestants; Lumierre and Renova. In some cases. laser helps, so see a near by board certified dermatologist for your options.

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