How to get rid of dark patches between breasts? (photo)

Ever since puberty I've had a problem with acne between my breasts. Now that I'm older I don't have the problem as much, but I have really unattractive dark spots on the problematic area and I'd like to know how do I fix it?

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Melasma and Sun Spots -- Best Treamtent Is Clear + Brilliant / Fraxel 1927 / Aerolase w Microneedling PRP, Pro Yellow is Useful

Pigmentation can be treated with lasers, skin care, microneedling/PRP, IPL.  I suggest seeing an expert for treatment options.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Dark patches between breasts

Hi tails95,

This looks like a medical condition that needs evaluation by a board-certified dermatologist (to confirm) and treatment with a prescription, rather than just a cosmetic issue that can be fixed with bleaching cream. I suspect it can be easily fixed, but you really need to be seen in person to make sure. Good luck!

Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, MD, MS
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