Can losing weight really fast create irreversible muscle atrophy in the face?

I'm 5'4 and 27 years old. When I was 24, I gradually, with exercise and healthy diet, went from 155lb to 125lb. I stayed that way for about a year. Then I went through a breakup and dropped 10lb very fast. This was 2 years ago. Since then, I've gradually gained weight from 115lb to 140lb. I notice changes in my face, especially at the corners of my mouth down, but am not sure if it's damage from weight fluctuations, aging, or just fat. At my age, would I expect my face to turn back to normal?

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Face changes

you can develop skin changes due to multiple reasons. people develop skin changes when they lose weight  but on gaining back, they develop stretch marks rather than wrinkles. but on face, unlikely. face lines could be due to many things- ex stress, lack of sleep, smoking, sun exposure and too many artificial products. weight loss per se, unlikely.

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