I got burnt with a cigarette on my chin and was wondering if it will leave a permanent scar. (photos)

This happened 3 weeks ago and the morning after I had what looked to be a blister (looked like the top layer of my skin was burnt off revealing a shiny pink layer). I went to a dermatologist and took an antibiotic for 5 days and put neosporin on it everyday and night with a bandaid and it grew back nicely becoming white (doc said it was new cell growth). I know have a red scar where the burn was. I put mederma on it everyday along with an antibiotic but was wondering if it will stay this red forever

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Cigarette burn

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Hello, thanks for the question and sorry for the burn.  It sounds like you had a superficial second degree burn, which means that damage was done to the dermis (deeper than just the top layer of skin).  The skin will not stay red forever, and will begin to lighten over the next few months.  It is likely that there will be some residual scar however.  I recommend that you keep sunscreen on it when going outside, and massage it with lotion or Vitamin E oil twice daily for the next 3-6 months as the scar matures.  Have a blessed day!

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