How to Change the Full Lip Shape and Frown Appearance?

Hi, I would like to change the appearance of my full lips that frown down. Also, my chin that is not smooth and has a round 'ball' look in the center almost. Can I do so without surgery?

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Frowning appearance and plastic surgery options

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I would agree with Dr. Oppenheim's recommendations. A surgical corner lift can be performed but is typically reserved for age related changes. Fillers to the labiomandibular lines and oral commissures (marionette lines) may be beneficial.

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Botox and filler First

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You should try a non-surgical approach first.

From your photograph your main problem is your dimpled chin ( peau d'orange). Proper injections of Botox into the mentalis muscle would serve you very well. I would then recommend a subsequent visit two weeks later in order to inject a hyaluronic filler to smooth out the texture.

I would also recommend a filler for the corner of your mouth. My preference here would be Restylane since I feel it gives a little more of a lift than Juvederm . Perhaps, a touch of BOTOX ( 2 units per side) into the DAO ( Depressor Anguli oris) muscle. I do not see all that much of a problem in this region and feel you would require only a limited amount of BOTOX.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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