Triluma Cream for Under Eye Milia Useful?

I have milia under each eye that does not go away, can using Triluma cream help this?

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Tri-luma indications

While Tri-luma does contain a retinoid which can help unclog pores and soften pores in preparation for extraction of milia, this product is not recommended for use under the eye for milia. Tri-luma also contains hydroquinone (a lightening agent) and a mild steroid. When used for long periods of time, topical steroids can thin the skin. Consult with your skin care provider before using this product under your eyes and only use the product as directed. Your provider can suggest other treatments to eliminate the milia.

Fort Myers Dermatologist
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Tri-luma does have a topical retinoid in the product, but it is not indicated for the treatment of milia. Tri-luma is FDA approved for the treatment of Melasma. I would seek the advice of your dermatologist regarding proper treatment of this issue. Sometimes it's appropriate for a nurse or physician to extract milia, but it can be dangerous with the delicate skin close to the eye. Typically you would use a topical retinoid to attempt to bring impurities like milia to the surface. Again, I wouldn't treat the area until consulting your physician.

Emil A. Tanghetti, MD
Sacramento Dermatologist
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