If I Have a C-Section, Can my Ob/gyn Repair my Umbilical Hernia (Diastasis Recti) Right then and There After Delivering Baby?

Have umbilical hernia starting under chest and continues down length of stomach. 3 ?'s: 1)During C-section, can ob-gyn repair hernia immediately after baby is delivered? Imagine she could sew back the bottom half of diastasis easily, but think the top part of diastasis would be hard to reach. 2) Is it safe to have ob/gyn perform this surgery or should plastic surgeon do it? 3) Should hernia repair be held off until done having all babies? Dont have excess skin & not too much fat, just hernia.

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Umbilical hernia and Diastasis Recti correction at the time of a C-section

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I personally do not do any cosmetic treatments to the abdomen at the time of a C-section.  The patient's body will change dramatically after delivery and sometimes the cosmetic problems will significantly improve after the tissues have recovered.  I would recommend holding off on any cosmetic treatment until a few months post-partum.  An umbilical hernia is different than Diastasis Recti.  A hernia is a true hole in the fascia of the abdomen whereas diastasis recti is a stretching of the fascia.  Sizable hernias often require correction by a General Surgeon.  If you truly have a hernia you should check with you OB/GYN about appropriate referrals for correction of that problem.  A diastasis recti is correct at the time of a tummy tuck and this again is best done a few months post-partum.

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Safer delivery safer umbilcoplasty after pregnancy

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it is not  advisable to realize umbilicoplasty durnig  pregnancy you should wait  after delivery

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