Broken Capillaries & Red on Brown Neck and Face Spots?

I have a few small, (1/2 inch) very stubborn broken capitularies in my face that have been treated by many different kinds of lasers, from Doctors & Laser specialist, and they always come back. I also have on my face and neck, brown and red spots and have also have, IPL’s, fractals, and nothing seems to work. I have also used prescription fading cream and they won’t go away. HELP I’m 52 in good health, always wear sunscreen & hats for the last 25 years. thank you

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Red Blood Vessels on the Face

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If these vessels really are that resistant that is rare.  In my experience a 532 Diode laser or a Pulse Dye laser works quite well.  If I had a patient that was resistant to this type of treatment, I would consider using a dilute sclerotherapy solution.

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