Can a Boxcar Type of Acne Scar with Smooth Edges Be Filled Via an Injection of Sorts?

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Fillers can be a very effective treatment for acne scars

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The answer is maybe.  It really depends on how tethered or attached the scar tissue is at the base of the scar to determine whether fillers like restylane, juvederm or radiesse would be effective in raising the depressed areas of your scar.   Sometimes combining subcision, a procedure where scar tissue is released with a small needle or knife, with fillers is more effective than fillers alone for tethered scars. Silicone can be very effective as a filler in even the most tethered scars but you need to seek out a very experienced injector and realize this treatment is "off-label" (non-FDA approved).  Other treatment options for the acne scar you described include surgical excision, punch elevation, punch skin grafting, and fractional CO2 laser with the deep fx and active fx.

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