Blistering and Red Spots After SmartXide Dot Fractional Laser?

I had the DOT laser performed 6 days ago for pitted acne scarring, as well as some red scars left over from previous acne. The doctor first zapped each individual scar on my cheeks and then went over the entire area. The first few days I was very red, as expected, but started to notice that the areas he went over more aggressively were turning white - like blisters. By day 5 all of my skin had sloughed off except these areas. Now these are very red inflamed spots that resemble PIH. Will I heal??

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Healing post SmartXide laser

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What you describe sounds OK and probably normal, but you should follow-up with your doctor. Keeping the wound covered with vaseline, aquaphor and similar ointment is very important to avoid dehydration and enable proper healing (re-epitheliazation).

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