Can bio alcamid be removed from my face?

can bio alcamid be removed from my face ? It is very bulky ,Can you pls. advise on the best way of removal? and the best doctor do that in uk , thank you ?

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Bio Alcamid - A filler that won't go away

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Thanks for your question. I've been helping to remove Bio Alchamid for a few years now. Its a very difficult process however there are ways to remove it. I suppose the one saving grace of this product is that it can be removed. 

The issue with it, is that it tends to do a few things.
(1) It can migrate or move around your face over time. this can happen years after it was injected.
(2) It can get infected

I typically use a special needle and then "milk" the material out of the area it was injected. However, it often fills up again so you need a few treatments. 

I dont know who does this in the UK, but if you find someone, i'd be happy to share my technique with them to help you out.  

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Bioalcamid removal in the US

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Bioalcamid, like many other permanent fillers, can be removed from the face and body. A discussion of scarring is important. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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