How to reduce the redness my scar developed after the scab fell off?

Recently I developed a scab due to acne infection.In a week the scab came off but the skin underneath,now exposed was very pink which now appears red and is quite prominent.Please help.

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Redness from Acne Scars and Healing -NYC

The most important thing when it comes to acne scars and healing is not to pick.  The redness will take a while to heal and you should continue to use a topical antibiotic cream in the meanwhile.  If you still have redness you can have the V-Beam laser to make the redness go away more quickly.  Best, Dr. Green

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Redness in a healing scar

I suggest all of my patients treat healing scars with a topical silicone based cream or gel for 4-6 months.  This therapy is usually started 2-3 weeks after an injury or surgical incision to the skin.  The best known brand is Mederma but a cheaper generic brand will work as well.  Topical silicone creams have been shown to reduce redness, and allow the formation of a more narrow and flat scar.  Many of the creams also contain SPF to protect the healing wound from exposure to UV (the sun) which can cause permanent discoloration of healing scars.

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