Best Products to Treat Under Eye Area?

I am 30 and am starting to show signs of aging in my under eye area (dark circles, some crepiness and slight loss of volume in upper cheek area). I am not ready for any invasive procedures, but am wondering if there are any products that really work to improve this area. I have tried many to no avail, but wonder what the expert opinion is.

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Any good moisturizer will help the under eye area

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Dear Te

Moisturizers are very helpful to temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines on the face and on the eyelids. These products work by hydrating the dead skin cells that make up the outer layers of our skin.

The skin is contantly turning over. These cells are produced in the basal layers of the epidermis, the outermost living component of the skin. As these cells mature, they become more superficial, pushed up by new cells made in the basal layer.

In the final maturation process, the cells die and flatten to form the outermost keratin layer of the skin, which serves to protect the skin from the environment before flaking off to be replaced by other keratin cells from below.

The outer layers are relatively dry. By physically hydrating the keratin layer with a moisturizer, the skin appears smoother and fine lines are not so obvious.

It is important to recognize that a moisturizer is not a medical product. It does not actually do anything to undo sun damage or aging changes in the actual skin. It only works on these outer most dead skin layers.

You will see eye cream out there, and many of these products are a little thicker and feel smoother than regular moisturizers. These products generally have a higher oil content and hold on the highly mobile eyelid skin longer than a regular moisturizer.

Now it is important not to be taken in by the marketing hype. Watch the words in the advertising. Just because something compares itself to say, BOTOX, does not mean that it even remotely does what BOTOX can.

When a product says that it visibly improves the appearance of aging, that does not mean that it actually improves aging changes. The upshot is, don't waste your money on hideously expensive moisturizers. You are basically paying $200 for a fancy glass jar and about 40 cents worth of better fragrances.

Just because you saw it on Oprah, and you love her, it does not mean that you should break the bank and buy a $300 moisturizer. Believe me, it won't do any more than a $30 moisturizer. These products may tout fancy sounding ingredients, implying that it is doing something medical to improve the skin, but this is just marketing smoke and mirrors.

Products that do something medically are regulated as drugs and require a prescriptions from your doctor. The only exception to this are the recent prostaglandin based lash growth products, but the FDA has caught up to these manufactures and defanged these products.

Because so much of these products are about how the product feels on the skin, you should try several different brands. Also remember, it is possible to be allergic to the ingredients in this products, so if you try something and it makes your skin react, stop using it immediately and see your dermatologist if the problem persists.

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