What's the Best Premature Aging Treatment?

Best treatment for premature aging? (Melasma, lines AND acne). Help! I'm only 37! Hello, please help! I spent 9 years (21-30) in New Mexico, where I spent hours a day exercising outdoors with NO sunscreen. I always tanned easily (1/2 Italian), and because I was prone to pimples, did not like sunscreen.


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Premature aging is caused by a number of factors,...

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Premature aging is caused by a number of factors, including genetics and sun damage. Wrinkles form as there is loss of elasticity in the skin, which is caused by changes in the collagen framework that makes up the deep surface of the skin.

Sun spots and damged complexion is caused by sun damage from years of sun exposure. The best treatment begins with prevention by regular use of sunscreen during childhood.

Retin-A has been shown scientifically to reverse the photoaging effect of the sun on the skin. Paitents who use Retin-A alone may find dryness that causes flaking and redness of the skin. Retin-A should be prescribed by your doctor in combination with hydroquinine, which will lighten the sun spots, and glycolic acid to remove the outer layers of dry skin.

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Premature Aging

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While the ultimate correction may require multiple treatments, the most cost effective start would be Obagi skin care in combination with Retin A. This combination has been effective in reversing environmental effect of the sun. You should consult with a physician who can provide multiple modalities and can guide you through the process.

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