Best Eczema Treatment?

What are the best Eczema creams or medications that do ALL of the following: anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, and moisturize?

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Best Eczema Treatments

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If you are referring to non-prescription products, I would recommend Aveeno. Specifically, the Advanced Care moisturizer and body wash can be quite good. As far as prescription products, recently I have had very good feedback with a product called Epiceram, a nice barrier repair agent for eczema-prone skin. Another one is Atopiclair. For the hands, Tetrix works very well. All of the products I have mentioned do not contain corticosteroids and are therefore safe for long-term use. If your condition does not respond to over-the-counter agents, please consult with your local board certified dermatologist for help.

Good luck.

San Diego Dermatologist

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