I'm 23 years old. My face is looking 40, lots of scars and dot marks. Please suggest a treatment (Photo)

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Micro needling PRP

You have scars. You have acne scars. You have skin darkening called PIH. The plan of action is-

1. See a dermatologist to control your acne or outbreaks. 

2. Once controlled see a procedural dermatologist who can perform INSULATED RF micro needling coupled with PRP. 3-4 sessions 6 weeks apart. 

3. Finish off the treatments with Picosure FOCUS- 3 sessions 5 weeks apart

4. Adjunctive skin care- vitamin ABCs and SPF++++

See a Board Certified Dermatologist IN PERSON near you for the above. Suggestions only. Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane, Australia. 

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