Unsure about progressed acne/pimples on bum and back of thighs. Progressively worse. 21 Female (Photos)

I have in the bit started to get pimples on my bum. It has been winter here so I wear a lot of long pants. I also suffer from bad night sweats but have been prescribed something for that (Premular). Currently I am on Serderp 100mg, Topalex 50mg, concerta 18mg (started this month). I thought that it was just a bout of bad pimples but it seems to have progressed down my legs and some of them are really big and have almost a white ring around (as if the blood is drained there) TIA for any help

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Pimples and night sweats

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I would get an evaluation from a dermatologist. It sounds like there might be a systemic problem going on. These could represent acne but might be more complicated. 

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