Post op edema from mastectomy

I had a prophylactic left mastectomy 12-1-15 and still have a seroma and edema enough that I look like I didn't have surgery. My Dr drains 90 cc weekly from the seroma but I am concerned about the edema. He says time. I"m ready to be done. Any suggestions? I do lymphoma message daily also.

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Prolonged seroma after surgery

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How long did you have drains in place after surgery? Has your doctor simply aspirated the fluid over and over again as it re-accumulates? Has he/she put in another drain to wick away the fluid and allow the tissues to adhere to one another (which will eliminate the space for the fluid to accumulate and cure the problem)? Do you gave expanders or implants in place? Is the fluid clear/yellowish every time, or is it cloudy or milky at all? Has there ever been a suggestion of infection from tests or because of symptoms? If you haven't already, see if a drain can be placed with ultrasound guidance to allow the fluid to be removed as it forms so that the tissues have a chance to heal together. This can be done easily and is not painful. I hope that helps! Good luck to you.


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Treatment of seroma is to try aspiration few times. If the seroma keeps recurring then will need surgery to remove the seroma capsule and use every means possible to prevent the seroma from coming back

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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