After Seeing 10 or More Doctors in NYC, Florida, Brazil, I Still Haven't Found the Solution to my Skin Problem? (photo)

I had acne scar ice pic and other types.... 25 years ago I had skin grafting(skin behind my ear ) done by a prominent NYC dermatologist. After years bumps stared to show in my cheeks and area where the grafts were done. In 2008 i was told the only way to smooth it was to have Carbon Dioxed Fractionaded Laser.I had it done and it became more visible in addition to other bumps that appeared on my face after the procedure.I had a test done with Erbium in one of the bumps and got a scar instead.

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Skin Bumps?

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Hi Vivian.  It looks like it is possible that you have something called sebaceous hyperplasia.  This is actually a very simple condition to treat with something called a hyfrecator (electrified pen).  Although it works very well, you will usually get more of them in the future.  Check the link below to see results.  Good luck.

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Bumps on cheeks

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Has anyone ever offered to biopsy one of those bumps to see what they are?  Reminds me of one of my Filipino nurses with similar bumps that everyone treated as comedonal acne.  A biopsy revealed these to be trichfolliculomas, a benign growth of hair follicles.   You need to see what these are before you continue treatment.  Once you know what they are, treatment can be more specific.  Good luck!

Steven Swengel, MD
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