After Receiving Subscision, I Have Hard Fibrous Nodules Under Skin? (photo)

My Dermatologist is VERY cautious, but has been giving me diluted injections to reduce the size of the nodules. THe issue is that I've been getting the injections regularly (monthly) for the past year and they are still present under my skin. Can I do anything myself ? Massage, etc ? I feel when I massage it inflames it more. Pic attached. The upside down V is what he tried to get under to pop up, which did come up a little, but all around the V is raised from the nodules. Its been a year.

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Nodules after subcision

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I treat nodules after subcision by injecting them with Kenalog.  I start with a weak concentration but will increase the concentration if needed.  It is possible that a stronger concentration of Kenalog might help to shrink the nodules.  You could also consider taking an oral antibiotic such as doxycycline for a while for its anti-inflammatory effects.  Usually Kenalog injections help significantly. 

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