Until I Can Afford Botox, Will Frownies Stave off Wrinkles?

I am 26 and am all about preventitve Botox, had it in the past in fact. But I can't afford it now. Will Frownies work if there is just the slightest barely visible crease, keep it from getting worse at least, until I can afford Botox (about 6 months). Thanks.

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Believe it or not , I do think Frownies work to a certain extent.  Many people tend to frown in their sleep. The use of Frownies helps to remind one not to frown while sleeping.  Keeping the muscles relaxed helps to keep the overlying skin smooth.  The more expressive the face, the more one tends to wrinkle. 

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Saving money on BOTOX

Another option is to use less BOTOX during each session.  Often younger patients do not need as much as an older patient to get the same effect. Ask your injector about using less units of BOTOX then they typically use for their 40+ year old patients.   Make sure you are paying by the unit and not the site.  Over the course of a year this can really save you money.

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