Advanta Facial Implant to Fix Nasolabial Lines?

I am looking for a permanent fix for nasolabial lines, and am thinking about getting the Advanta Facial Implants. I did some research on Advanta Facial Implant and learned that they are very safe and effective at making lips fuller, but could not find much info on how safe and effective are they at fixing nasolabial lines?

Another concern I have is how natural do these implants feel? I had Chin implant before but had it remove 18months later because it felt very unnatural when speaking or laughing.

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Nasolabial implants

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All permanent implants share several negative potential complications : infection, exposure, erosion, extrusion, malformation, encapsulation and migration. In plain English, they may become infected, burr through the outer bone lining, be pushed to and through the skin or become distorted by scar. Some implants do so more than others.

You answered your own question in the last statement. Chin implants are generally much safer and stable than lip or nasolabial implants and yet you had personally experienced such a complication in less than 2 years after placement.

When implants are placed in mobile areas (lips, nasolabial folds), the look and especially the feel is rarely natural and the incidence of migration and extrusion are VERY high and for every happy patient there are many more who are disappointed. I would stay away from such a "solution".

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