What's Best for Redness Caused by Acne?

Had acne for over 12 yrs. Despite how scarred, red, bumpy my face looks now it's actually quite flat. Redness is my 1st concern. My derm injected steroid into keloids 4 times. If Im doing laser which may benefit me more? IPL? Fraxel? Matrix RF? Do I need accutane? Does it help on red marks? Thanks

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Pulsed Dye Laser Treatments for Red Acne Scars

 We use pulsed dye lasers to remove the redness associated with red acne scars.  These lasers are used for vascular conditions and are attracted the red color of the blood that causes the scars.  We use the Cynosure V-Star, but the Candela V-Beam is also another common brand.  Good luck.

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