Old Acne Nose Scar? (photo)

I have an acne scar on the side of my nose that has gotten worse with age. I had underwent fraxel restore for the whole face, but didn't notice a difference afterwards. The dermatologist recommends fraxel repair for the scar, but was wondering if this is the best treatment for this type of scar. I am worried that the scar could get even worse than it is.

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Nose Scar and Laser

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 Good photo! A CO2 laser is certainly the best option. However, if the laser is used to take down the surrounding skin to the depth of the scar, you likely will get worse scarring. Your scars show up because the sharp edges of the scars cast a shadow in the light. If those edges are "lasered down", the scars will be less obvious. The laser would also generate new collagen which may elevate the depressions also.

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