Acne on my back that scar, what are my options?

I get occasional acne on my back, I am asian so my skin is darker. I might get one or 2 pimples at a time but the problem is that they scar and they don't do away for about a year. I have tried antibiotics, soaps and nothing seems to work. Any thoughts on how to get rid of this and keep my back clear?

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Bacne treatments

If the over-the-counter treatments don't work for you, you need a great board-certified dermatologist to help  you treat your acne on your back. There are so many ways to make it better. Topical creams gels pills chemical peels lasers light treatments and on and on.  You need professional help. Best of luck.

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Back Acne and Scars

There are variety of options to treat back acne and scarring.  Some of the options include topical prescription and non-prescription products, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and a variety of lasers.

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Back acne treatment

Fortunately, there are many treatments available for back acne.  A dermatologist can assess your condition and skin type and develop an appropriate treatment regimen.   This may include a combination of oral antibiotics and topical medications.  Typically, a topical antibiotic and retinol is effective for back acne.  It is also important to shower immediately after exercise to decrease the chance for the bacteria to sit on the skin.  Preventing the acne is the best way to prevent the scarring.  However, your provider can assess your scars and determine which treatments will be most effective.

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