Acne/Dark Pigmentation/In Grown Hairs? (photo)

Hello, 30 year old male who still suffers from Acne. I tried medications and even went so far as to try Accutane a few years ago. The past month I have removed milk from my diet and am noticing a slow down in new acne. So, I believe I have to make more changes to my diet to prevent further breakouts, but my main concern is scarring. I have discoloration/scars as an African American Male, can I do anything to help with the dark spots/scars? I am not sure if its from ingrown hairs or old acne.

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Dark Scars from Acne or Ingrown Hair?

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Hi Tbux.  The darkening of the cheeks could be either from acne or ingrown hair.  It is difficult to tell from the photo.  If you look at the picture at the link below, we show how laser hair removal can improve this situation.  

If your practitioner believes that the marks are from old acne scars, then hydroquinone would likely do a better job.  Good luck.

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