Non-ablative Erbium Laser, Fraxel or IPL for Dark Spots on Asian Skin?

Which is a better solution for dark spots on Asian skin (face)? Non-ablative Erbium laser, Fraxel, or IPL? I understand that multiple treatments are advisable. I'm afraid of the side effects that I've read about from people who have done skin resurfacing.

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Treatment of dark skin spots

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Firstly erbium and CO2 lasers are ablative. Even if they are fractional they are still ablative but the ablation is diluted in small areas surrounded by untreated skin. You are right to be very careful because improper laser treatments can cause worse problems like pigmentation problems. Some Asians have darker baseline pigmentation than others and if you fall into this category treatment of the skin with topicals before and after treatment will decrease the risk of problems afterwards and speed your recovery time. If the spots are few and localized a Nd:Yag laser may be a better option-like the one used for tattoo removal.

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