Recommended Method for Forehead Augmentation?

What are the advantages of silicone implant over fat graft for forehead recommendation? Are the results worth the scar? Will hair loss occur? What is the best way if you want to augment a lot? What are the limits?

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Options for forehead agumentation

This is an uncommon proceudure. Generally fat grafting provides plenty of material. There are no standard forehead implants. Commonly neurosurgoens use methylmethacrylate. Other custom made prosthesis using CT scans can be created as well. Hydroxyapatite is another cement like product that can come in blocks or paste. Discuss your desires with a plastic surgeon or cranifacial surgeon.

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Forehead Augmentation

I've never heard of "forehead augmentation." Now temporal brow augmentation is a different story. Many men and women lose fat in their faces as they age. The temporal brow area is one area that can show this. The temporal brow is the forehead just lateral to the eyebrows from the cheek bone to the mid eyebrow area. Thinning of the tissues in this area will allow for a skeletonized appearance.

The only real solution for this is fat grafting. Using small 1.2-1.4mm cannulas to harvest very small fat particles will allow for better take. This in turn will allow for more fat to remain and improve the contour.

Silicone is not an option.

Christopher L. Hess, MD
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Forehead augmentation

I assume you mean brow augmentation.  Fat transfer is probably better than silicone. SIlicone injections really has not gone mainstream.  The plastic surgery society does not approve the use of free silicone for injection eventhough there are doctors that are using the product.

Steven Wallach, MD
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