Can Jaw Implants Create a Longer Face?

I have a very round face with very flat features. I've been thinking about mandibular implants. I do not want a wider face, but a longer one. I'm wondering if adding implants that project more downward would provide the appearance of a narrower face and strengthen the jawline. Are there manufacturers of such implants? All of the implants I've seen online seems to be addressing the needs of more narrow faced patients wanting a wider face. I'm sure there are other patients with similar requests; what advice do you give them?

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Jaw implants can lengthen your face

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But lateral implants will give the illusion of a longer face by adding more volume to the lateral jaw. There are posterior lateral jaw implants that augment more posterioly that you can consider but they don't sometimes have the effect that lateral jaw implants do to strengthen and lengthen the jaw. I would like to see some photos to really advise you or expand your knowledge about this issue.

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Can jaw implants create a longer face?

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Consider looking at the wide choice of POREX implants each has at least one application. Depending on your anatomy, the implant chosen, the way it is positioned and any other procedures done with it (IE Bichat fat pad excision) you may very well get what you are looking for.

Peter A Aldea, MD, FACS

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Face and jaw implants

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Yes, there are many types and size of implants. Also there are a variety of procedures. If you have a round face, then a chin implant combined with neck liposuction can give a great definition to your jaw line, thin out your neck and give projection to your chin. The combination of all of these effects can give a nice result. I hope this is helpful. Good luck with your procedure.

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Jaw implants and facial length

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Yes there are a variety of implants in shapes and sizes. Custom (costly) implants can also be prepared. There are some limitations with the amount of downward projection due to the realtively minimal amount of soft tissue coverage in this area.

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