Laser Treatment for Skin Tag on Lower Eyelid?

I have a mole on the inner rim of my lower eyelid it is flesh colored. The ophthalmologist told me it have to be surgically removed, but due to location and depth would leave a very bad scar, is laser treatment not a better option?


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Excision the Best

You should follow the advice of the ophthalmologist and have this lesion surgically excised. A facial plastic surgeon or an ophthalmologic plastic surgeon should be able to leave you with less of a scar than the laser would. Realize you would need an ablative laser which will leave a scar.

Even more important is that a tissue diagnosis is fundamentally important. This is not a skin tag...otherwise this could be easily snipped off. Being some sort of tumor, it would be imperative that you do not harbor some sort of malignancy. The only way to ensure this would be a biopsy/excision. Laser will leave you only with charred material and ruin any chance of finding out what you have.

This lesion could be a basal cell carcinoma, in which case an excision would be mandated to ensure that the tumor was entirely extirpated. A basal cell that encrouches its way down into the socket could cause blindness in that eye.

A sebaceous carcinoma, derived from the Meibomian glands, sebum secreting glands, can also be a possiblity. This is a tumor easily cured in its beginning stages.

Of course, it might just be a mole, but this too is best treated by excision.

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Laser treatment for skin tag on lower eyelid?

The size of the tag / mole would largely determine the safest approach.

The first thing to consider is the IDENTITY of the tag / mole. If there is ANY consideration that it could be malignant, I would strongly advise you to have it or a piece of it cut for a biopsy - burning it with a laser would forever keep the identity a secret until, if a cancer, it came back, possibly worse than before.

Second, a laser is NOT a gentle tool. It literally cooks the skin inflicting a burn. Depending on the thickness of the burn and its location it may cause the lower lid to be pulled down. Google pictures for ECTROPION to see what I mean.

I am somewhat puzzled by what your eye doctor said because usually we can remove inner eyelid (CANTHUS) lesions without closing the wound and they heal well without major distortion of the tissues next door.

I would advise you to get a second opinion.

Good Luck Dianne.

Peter A Aldea, MD

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Mole near eyelid

An experienced plastic or facial plastic surgeon or even ophthalmic plastic surgeon should be able to accomplish excision of the mole with minimal noticeable scarring. There are cases where laser removal may be appropriate so get several opinions from board certified physicians. Ask questions about the procedure, risks and expected results and the surgeon's actual experience around the eyelids.

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Lower eyelid skin tag removal with laser

Laser offers little if any benefit for reducing or eliminating this mole. Although it sounds sexy, the laser does not protect against unfavorable scarring. Therefore traditional excision is a reasonable approach

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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