Treatment for Crows Feet on One Eye?

I'm 18 and have a crows foot only on one eye. Also, I have a deep wrinkle under the same eye but on my other eye, I don't have any wrinkles.

The wrinkle is most noticeable when I wake up every morning; however I don't think the wrinkle is caused by the way I sleep because I sleep on my back. Please help me, what can I do about this?

PS: The crows foot and under eye wrinkle showed up about a year ago, they would only be noticeable every morning. However they don't go away anymore.

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Crow's feet in an 18 year old

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IT is very unusual that an 18 year old is developing a crow's feet. You must first determine why you are actively using these muscles. There may be an underlying medical condition that should be treated. First discuss this with your ophthalmologist to undergo a full ophthalmologic evaluation prior to considering Botulinum Toxin

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