How to Control Breakouts While on Anti-aging Regimen?

I have been using Clenziderm (Normal to Oily) for 3 months now, and it has noticeably helped with the acne/breakouts that I've been battling for several years. I would like to try the Nuderm line (turning 40 this year), but scared to switch for fear of new breakouts. How do I best control breakouts but get on an anti-aging regimen as well?

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Anti aging regimen plus anti acne regimen

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sometimes switching to new topical products, whatever brand, causes flares in Acne. However, if the acne is not severe enough to warrant anti acne medicines now prior to starting an anti aging regimen, then I would hold off until the acne flares before initiating acne treatment. This should be discussed with your dermatologist first. We typically do not treat acne "prophylactically" . ONce acne manifests itself your dermatologist can sort out whether or not, topical medicines or oral medications are most appropriate. Also, if anti aging creams are definitely causing acne breakouts then you may want to consider an alternative brand.

West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

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