I Have a 7 Year Old Scar on my Leg and It's Gotten Larger and Not Gone Away-help?

When I was about 13 or 14 I had an accident while shaving.It resulted in a vampire like scar,two cuts on my leg, like a figure eight.Over the years,it's still stayed red,is very sensitive (to the point of being painful to the touch),and has actually gotten larger!I have no idea what this is.A general doctor says it's a hypertrophic scar, but it is not growing out-it's making a slight dip in my leg. I am 21 with type 1 diabetes-it's under control. At 14 my diabetes was out of control though.

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Red spots are not always scars

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Unfortunately, this very well may not bet a scar.  I know you attribute its appearance to the shaving, but I think it has more of a relationship to the Type 1 Diabetes.  There is a condition called necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum that appears on the shins of Type I Diabetics more so than Type II.  A dermtologist would be able to diagnose it and I highly recommend that you visit a dermatologist for it.  These are difficult to treat, but there are some anecdotal reports of photodynamic therapy working.


Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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